Ackworth, North Elmsall, & Upton

CHRIS HOWDEN is a community activist from Wakefield. Since January, he has led the Ackworth, North Elmsall and Upton Focus Team, which campaigns for better local services and for the interests of villages across South East Wakefield.

CHRIS is a full-time student who has lived in Upton for the past five years. In addition to his studies, he works part-time in Wakefield city centre, whilst spending his weekends watching Frickley Athletic play home and away.

CHRIS said:

“Wakefield is my home, and I’m proud to call it so. I have family in Sandal and Wrenthorpe, grandparents living in Hemsworth, and so I have a strong appreciation for the area”.

“There is much to improve though. I’ve seen the decline of our local services and the neglect of villages who all too often feel they are on the periphery. I joined the Liberal Democrats to change that, to be active in my community and to demand better for my area”.

“The Liberal Democrats believe everyone should be free to live a rich and fulfilling life- which is why my local priorities are safer streets, greener villages and better local services. Being a young person in politics also gives me a unique perspective, something I am using to demand better public transport across Upton and Ackworth to increase opportunities for students”.

“If you care about your community like I do, and want to make a real difference, then don’t hesitate to get involved with our campaigns to demand better for Wakefield”.

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