Calls For Recognition of Bravery of Young Man Who Saves Toddler Life

Knottingley’s Lib Dem Councillor is calling on Wakefield Council to recognise a resident who saved a toddlers life after rescuing them from the Knottingley Canal on Sunday.

While walking near the canal Knottingley resident Ryley Ferguson witnessed an unaccompanied toddler fall into the canal from the opposite bank below Foundry Lane. Without hesitation he raced to the scene, stripped off some clothing, dove in and swam across and saved the toddlers life.

Following his lifesaving actions coming to light, local Councillor Tom Gordon has called on the Mayor of Wakefield Council to ensure that he receives recognition for his act of bravery.

Commenting, Cllr Gordon said:

"After hearing about what happened I contacted the Mayor to inform him. I do hope that we can find a fitting way of acknowledging his brave and selfless actions”

“Our town is extremely fortunate to have a lad like Ryley. He’s a hero and he deserves to be recognised as such.”

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