Wakefield Lib Dems Call Out Labour's "Overpromising", "Virtue Signalling" & "Lack of Urgency and Action" on Climate Crisis

Wakefield Lib Dem Council Group Leader, Tom Gordon, has branded Labour-run Wakefield Council's failure to meet it's tree planting targets, and lack of urgency and action on identifying carbon saving quick wins, as yet more "over promising and under delivering by a tired clapped out administration".

On Monday at Wakefield Council's Monday's Climate Change & Environmental Wellbeing Overview & Scrutiny Committee meeting, Councillors were informed that the 2 year target to plant 100 hectares of trees to carbon offset was not going to be met, and the latest revised figure of 50 hectares was still unlikely and could be just as little as 30 hectares.

Councillor Gordon, who was previously opposition spokesperson for Environment at Newcastle City Council , said: "This Labour Council has a strong track record of over promising and under delivering, to miss one target the Council set itself is unfortunate, but to miss two looks like carelessness and incompetence".

Wakefield Council declared a Climate Emergency in a meeting in May 2019, at the meeting - which was Cllr Gordon's first, he spoke on the motion and cited quick wins that the Council could be doing now and was critical at the lack of urgency and timescales. 

Councillor Gordon added "To still be identify and talking about quick wins two and a bit years after Labour Councillors said this was the most important issue is quite frankly pathetic. It is clear that Labour's only intent on virtue signalling and pontificating on the climate emergency, rather than actually leading"

Councillor Gordon also once again took aim claim that Wakefield Council could never claim to be Carbon neutral if it was still profiting from the West Yorkshire Pension Fund and renewed calls for the Council to call for divestment. 

Councillor Gordon added "The Liberal Democrats are the only party fighting to tackle to climate crisis here and the natural home for residents who want to see a greener, cleaner, more caring society."

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