Labour duck scrutiny on the £1.3mil latest handout for the Hepworth Gallery 

Wakefield Liberal Democrats have slammed the Labour Council Administration for granting exemption on the decision of allocating £1.3million for the Hepworth Gallery.

The £1.3mil is to be used on replacing the heating, ventilation, air condition plant at the Hepworth Gallery. This comes despite the gallery only opening 10 years ago, and the replacement is much earlier than anticipated.

Commenting Liberal Democrat Councillor Tom Gordon said: 

“There are a number of questions that need to be answered including:

why was the HVAC life span so much shorter than expected and industry averages? 

what will the impact be on other projects and buildings maintenance given these repairs are going ahead earlier than planned?  

The excuse given for granting the decision exemption from scrutiny call in is due to the time scale to install a new HVAC unit. A lack of planning and foresight is not something that should be used to stop Councillors and the public being able to ask questions about Council expenditure.

This entire saga was completely preventable if the Labour Council had done its homework on time.

The fact that the Leadership in Wakefield County Hall can pluck £1.3mil out of thin air for an art gallery in Wakefield will be understandably galling to residents elsewhere in the District, like my hometown of Knottingley - where Labour refuse to give us any local leisure facilities.

It's down to priorities and Labour's are just all wrong for many residents across the Five Towns”

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