Knottingley & Ferrybridge

In 2019, local resident TOM GORDON set up the Knottingley & Ferrybridge Lib Dem FOCUS Team to challenge the neglect that our town has seen at the hands of the Labour-run administration in Wakefield. 

Over the years our area has disproportionately seen cuts to our vital local services including the closure of our sports centre, swimming pool, library, police station, fire station, Sure Start centre, and household waste recycling centre. 

In May 2019, TOM was duly elected to represent Knottingley & Ferrybridge at Wakefield Council with a landslide 63.1% of the vote. He has been joined by ADELE HAYES who was selected as the candidate for the now postponed 2020 May Local Elections. 

Together TOM, ADELE, and Knottingley & Ferrybridge Lib Dem FOCUS Team work to help residents with local issues and stay in touch with our regular FOCUS newsletter across our towns. 

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