Say NO to Labour's Expensive West Yorkshire Mayoral Stitch Up

Say NO to Labour's Expensive West Yorkshire Mayoral Stitch Up

Wakefield Liberal Democrats are urging local residents to reject plans for a Leeds City Region Mayor. A consultation is presently underway on introducing a Metro Mayor in time for next year’s Local Elections.

Lib Dems Councillor Tom Gordon said: “In these difficult times local people don’t want to be forking out extra Council Tax for a Mayor nobody wants. Many people are really struggling and this extra bill will be a real hardship.”

Plans for the new Leeds City Mayor were signed off in March between the five Labour Council Leaders of West Yorkshire and the Government. There is now a consultation ongoing and the Lib Dems are urging local people to make sure their voices are heard.

Lib Dem Councillor Tom Gordon said “This is a bad deal and is just another Labour stitch-up. Residents in our area rejected the idea of an elected Mayor, in a referendum back in 2012, yet somehow now we are likely to have one imposed upon us. This isn’t meaningful devolution, it’s an undemocratic stitch-up with the five Labour Authority Council Leaders having the power to veto and amend the Mayor’s budget. SO even a non-Labour Mayor will have to fall in line.”

Concerns have also been raised about the possible replacement of the elected Police and Crime Commissioner with what would presumably be a party political appointed by the Mayor.

Councillor Gordon added: “I don’t see why Yorkshire can’t have a proper devolution deal like Scotland and Wales. We want Yorkshire to have proper power, not this shabby Labour stitch-up. I’m therefore asking people to oppose the deal in the consultation.

The consultation can be completed online at:

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