Lib Dems uncover Wakefield Council spent thousands on unnecessary & unused Zoom licences

Lib Dems slam Wakefield Council for wasting thousands on unnecessary & unused Zoom licenses

Lib Dem Councillors have uncovered that almost £20,000 was spent on Zoom licenses, almost half of which were either not activated or used.

Despite purchasing the Zoom licenses, Wakefield's inbuilt Skype for Business was used to conduct virtual Council meetings through the pandemic, with Microsoft Teams being used for COVID Recovery Board meetings.

Councillor Gordon said: "It is unclear exactly why Wakefield Council felt the need for a third video conferencing platform, and one which was then never used for Council business.

Wakefield Council purchased 125 licenses between September and November in 2020 at a cost of £17,146.60. Almost half of which were either not activated or unused.

The Zoom licenses were purchased for 12 months in advance meaning a number of licences were purchased for Councillors who then only months later retired or lost their seats. 

Cllr Tom Gordon added: "I've spoken to Local Government colleagues elsewhere and no other Council seems to have taken this approach.

"It beggars belief that at at time when many are struggled financially, due to a inflation, stagnant wages, and COVID, that Wakefield Council think they can just waste residents' money".

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